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Small Collections Update!

While I'm on here, I'll post a small collection update!

Last year I was living in Portland Oregon, and for the first time EVER I got the privalege to go to a massive Pokemon TCG gathering (States possibley?) There were a few vendors there, just as I had hoped!  And though a lot of things were expensive, I managed to get a pretty sweet mini horde for my collection!

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The Eevee and Antique/Karel Capek promotions had just come out at the time, and I was SO SO HAPPY to get the teas!!!!  I'm a HUGE, tea person.  And so far I've only drank one of the earl grey classic!  ;_; I have to ration them!!  Also I've NEVER gotten any of the Campus journals, so that was exciting too!  I'm too scared to write in it!!  The Sweets Time Pikachu phone charm actually wasn't from the con.  It was from an Uwajimaya.  The Umbreon shot glass came in a classic lottery drawing, but at least I got to choose 'which' glass I could get.  Here's a better pic of the shot glass in the light...

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When I tried my luck for the second time I had... less luck.  And won a small keychain charm.

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And since it was a card tournament, I HAD to get some sleeves.  They had this sick batch of evil bosses, and they had this super wicked bad ass one of Giovanni!!

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Had to get that STACK!

These other two I actually got within the month.  I saw the Mister Donut promotion and naturally wanted ALL of it, but I needed a calendar for the new year (and it was the cheapest thing) so I got it!

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It's a tear away, but I'm keeping the pages intact my using a string to hold it up instead of a tack.

And lastly, a small little Clefairy piggybank I've been eyeing on eBay for like, over a year.  I was surprised they still had it!  I wish it held more coins and didn't have a green sticky bottom.  But my other little mint green cat piggy bank with flowers I got from Pier One was EXACTLY the same size/shape as this one!!  So it's the best replacement! :D

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Thanks for Indulging me everybody! ;3

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Hello New Friends!

My name is Yoshi!

I am VERY grateful to have the opportunity of joining this wonderful community! I have watched it from afar for awhile, but now I am happy to be apart of it! I am 25 years old, and have been a Pokemon fan for 17 years of it!  Furret is my favorite Pokemon <3 andP probably always will be.

I'm always looking for new Poke' pals, because I can never get enough of them! If one thing Pokemon has taught me while growing up, it's that you should always be on the look out to make new friends and take part in special bonds over your interests. I would very much like to do that! And share my own personal collection I've accumulated over the years. It's dispersed in bits and pieces at the moment since I've moved around some, but perhaps I can revitalize that Poke' nostalgia with my copious amount of 90's toys. I'm personally even more so into the merchandise now! Like the kitchenware, house and bathroom supplies etc. What kid didn't dream of having a Pokemon themed house?

I'm also an artist, and hope to even share my work someday here. But I did read the rules, so I know to be patient and wait and see if that's something that can be done in the future :) .

Here's a few pictures of my collection I'd love to share!:

These are probably the pride of my collection. But my Pikachu kettle's ears snapped and the saucepan's handle is cracked >.<;

Remember these mini skateboards? Around the era of Tech Decks these guys came out! All but the Articuno remain in their packages. Even though Pikachu's and Dugtrio's packages have been yellowed by the sun.

The 20th Anniversary Mew pin and the SUPER cute Poke Mikke sticker patch! Love Poke Mikke campaign <3

This Patriot Pikachu mat is from the Boston Massachusetts World Championships for the card game!

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You might recognize a lot of them from Burger King's Pokemon campaign back in 1999. But some are a lot newer than that.

I sure hope you all approve of what I do have so far!  And I'll be uploading more when I get more! ^____^

As for trades, I'd definately be interested in the future. Here's some of my favorite capaigns and promotions:

  • The Little Tales

  • Poke Mikke

  • Pokemon Palre

  • It's Demo

  • PokeNeco Dulce

  • Chiku Chiku Sewing

  • Pokemon Time

  • Pikachu on the Farm

  • Heroine

  • Blooming Flowers

  • Pikachu and Friends Musical Party

See you guys soon!!  ^___^